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Voice 2 Episode 1 [Eng Sub]

Hi! sharing you my very first subbing project for NEWS. I choose Voice 2 coz' I saw all the summer dramas has a subber but sadly for Voice 2 there's no one. 😭😭 I watched Voice 2 every Saturday in Japan time and it's super amazing and suspense drama + Massu is my ichiban. With the help of abi_chan thanks to her for providing the things I need and to my friend Alex for helping me for the difficult translations. Thank you so much again! Please look forward I'm working on Episode 2 but since I have a busy working schedule I'll working it slowly as for that part my advanced apologies and for the errors.

I'll only provide the soft sub but I will put here where you can get the raw file.

Episode 1 Story:
"I'm scared, help me ..."
A shocking "simultaneous abduction case" has occurred by the worst and worst enemies! The deadly time limit suspense opens again

RAW: abi_chan HERE


Please do not repost, hotlink, or upload to streaming sites.
Tags: news, takahisa masuda

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