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I just want to share my feelings for my Fandom Arashi. Also for my new Fandoms Sexy Zone & NEWS! 

Sorry if I didn't update that much but I'll try my best.

Arigatou & Enjoy <3

P.S. if your a fan of Arashi, Sexy Zone or NEWS let's be friends! 🤗

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NEWS Radio Shows Masterpost

2020.09.21 Sukatto Japan - Shori Cut - [English Sub]

Hi everyone! My very first collaboration subbing project together with my friend marius_yuki12 we decided to to sub one of the episodes of Sukatto Japan with the help of Indonesian Subs of saitahana . Thank you so much for allowing us to make an English translation of your work. Looking forward to allowing us translating your works.

By the way, aside of first time doing a sub of show since I started into MV's and one KTT this is a bit challenge to me but I super enjoy doing it. Also, this is my first time to watch Shori's Sukatto episode so while I'm doing a sub I laugh at Shori. LOL

2020.09.21 Sukatto Japan - Shori Cut

Raw: kuroberry39
Translation: marius_yuki12
Type setting & timing: Yours truly

File: MKV
Size: 138 MB

Again, thank you so much saitahana and also to you my dear friend marius_yuki12. Hope we will have lots of collaboration in the future. :)

Don't forget to add comment.

Thank you! :)

Will be F-lock after 2 weeks.

My 5x20 DVD FC Version

Another purchase for Arashi coz' you know it's FC version so I need to have too. hahaha. So here it is. I received my package last October 22, 2020 via Registered Mail luckily it takes 1 week for shipping process + shipping fee is not so pricy so it's a good deal for me. But today is already November it is so so late to post this entry, my apologies I got busy in other stuffs like type setting of SZ content, arrange my friends and I pasabuy of waku goods and yeah POP x STEP!? TOUR 2020 and ARAFES 2020 happened.

That's what it looks of 5x20 DVD Version. The box is soooooo beautiful

Also, I make an unboxing video for this.

5x20 DVD FC Version Unboxing

Hope you enjoy!

Bye! :)
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